Arkansas Senator Calls For Hold On U Of A Budget After Women’s Basketball Protest

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — An Arkansas senator called for a hold to be placed on the University of Arkansas’ budget on Friday (Nov. 4).

Arkansas Sen. Alan Clark, who serves District 13, said he called for the hold after hearing about six members of the Razorback women’s basketball team deciding to take a knee during the National Anthem on Thursday (Nov. 3).

Clark said he didn’t call for the hold as a protest against the women’s decision. Instead, he said he wanted to talk to the administration.

“I want to have a conversation with the university about the First Amendment and their policy on the First Amendment,” Clark said.

He said that he just wants to make sure that the university’s policy and protection of First Amendment rights applies to everyone equally. He said while the women are wearing the uniform, they represent the U of A, which is the largest government operation in the state.

“When people see you kneel, no matter what is in your heart, they’ll see the opposite of respect as disrespect — not the opposite of respect as protest,” Clark said. “Leadership could’ve led this in a different direction.”

He said he placed the hold after hearing about the protest last week. The hold will keep the University’s budget requests from moving forward during the next consideration period, until the senator’s concerns are addressed.

Clark said several other legislators reached out to the U of A, but so far, he said he hasn’t heard anything back.

On Monday, he also posted his concerns to Facebook.


    • arnold fudpucker

      And just how is it you know why Clark is taking this step. It appears you sir are the liar. Is it so unbelievable that people may take offense to the disrespectful display these juveniles express towards a country that has given them so much opportunity. Those kids are just ignorant of the world and think they are being cute. Perhaps you and these juveniles should consider just which country it is that you think is so much better then MOVE.

      • Richard Royal

        What difference does it make that they are members of a team representing the UofA. I doubt they gave up their 1st Ammendment rights to make the team. Mr. Fudpucker, these young women are not juveniles in any sense of the word and I would further suggest that they are much less ignorant of the world than you.

      • countryrd1

        Oh fudsucker is still doing his donald hate; accusing someone else when he’s the most aggress. There’s nothing in the constitution about a song or a flag. There is something about freedom of speech. The right wing nuts have been trying to stop education every excuse they can; likes uneducated people.

  • Sandra Dalene

    It is not unpatriotic to exercise the rights guaranteed by our Constitution. It is possible to love and respect our country and still have deeply held disagreements with it’s policies and procedures. Peacefully protesting in order to bring attention to the plight marginalized people in order to create a more fair and just society is the heart and soul of our Constitution.

    • Rick Curtner

      Its also not unpatriotic to never attend another game they play in. Its also not unpatriotic to cut funding to their sport because of a sharp lack of attendance. Every sword cuts both ways The NFL will probably suffer for kapernicks stand, If they don’t care i don’t care. I don’t watch because i find it boring but i don’t watch.

  • Kait Riggin

    What a fucking douche. Support free speech and free expression. If its not hurting anyone, who cares?
    It is not something he should be BLACKMAILING our university for. Then again, cutting funding for sports– I don’t care about.

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