Campaign 2016: River Valley Election Results

RIVER VALLEY (KFSM) — Here are the latest results for county-wide elections in the River Valley.

Click here for the full list of election results in our area.

Crawford County: 

Crawford County Sheriff: Ron Brown 59%, Brad Sanderson 41%

Crawford County Assessor: Sandra Heiner 69%, Connie Beyerle 31%

Crawford County Treasurer: Beverly Pyle 75%, Ashley Ewald 25%

Crawford County Sales and Use Tax: For 53%, 47%

Franklin County: 

Franklin County Sheriff: Anthony Boen 81%, Scott McKenna 19%

Franklin County County Clerk: Janice King 100%

Johnson County: 

Johnson County Sheriff:

Johnson County Assessor:

Johnson County Coroner:

Logan County: 

Logan County County Clerk: Peggy Fitzjurls 53%, Tom Bruce 47%

Scott County: 

Scott County Judge: James Forbes 62%, Tommy Vanover 38%

Scott County Assessor: Terri Churchill 61%, Cher Forehand 39%

Scott County Sheriff: Terry Staggs 38%, Randy Shores 35%, Edward Vaughn 27%

LeFlore County: 

LeFlore County Sheriff: Rob Seale 60%, Billy Shropshire 40%

Sequoyah County: 

Sequoyah County Sheriff: Larry Lane 51%, Ron Lockhart 49%