Razorback Women’s Basketball Players Introduce Unification Project, Announce Plans To Stand For Anthem

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Members of the University of Arkansas women’s basketball team announced a new plan to help raise awareness about social issues with the community, according to a university press release on Wednesday (Nov. 9).

Additionally, the players told the team’s head coach Jimmy Dykes that they will stand during the National Anthem from now on, the release states.

The plan, called Project Unify, was developed by six team members who decided to take a knee during the anthem at an exhibition game last Thursday (Nov. 3). The project’s goal is to strengthen the relationship between the community and law enforcement, as well as gain mutual trust, respect and understanding.

“As I stated last week, we took a knee to bring awareness to the social injustice that we recognize in our society,” said student athlete Jordan Danberry.  “It was not our intention to disrespect the flag or the military. We have heard from many of our fans and we wanted to repeat that we have great respect for our military and our veterans who have served our country.”

Dykes said he supported his players and Project Unify.

“Over the past week, I have watched a group of young women support one another, even when their views and methods of expression differed,” said Dykes.  “They have developed a program, Project Unify, which is a call to action to address the issues that they care deeply about.  The decision to stand during the national anthem moving forward recognizes their understanding of the importance of engaging in expression that does not disrespect the many veterans who have served our nation, which was never their intent.  We will support their initiative as we continue our focus on basketball.”

The team received some major backlash after news spread that some of the team took a knee during the National Anthem. Arkansas Senator Alan Clark moved to put a hold on the university’s budget on Friday (Nov. 4) following the game.



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      Wha? there’s no free ride for a scholarship player. They have to work like hell to be qualified for a scholarship, academically and athletically . They have go to practice early before class, then class, practice again, go to study hall after practice. These young women will be an asset to society unlike some old dana that can’t even get her head off the couch. 1st amendment supported by the university and all but the trumpsters when it’s bully time (CAPITALS!)

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