Hartford Mayor Voted Out Of Office

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HARTFORD (KFSM) -- On Thursday (Nov.10), Hartford Mayor James Baker turned in his city issued cell phone, keys and signed for his last paycheck at City Hall.

"I hope that they (voters) made the decision based on truth and being well informed rather than the rumors that are so popular," Baker said.

A petition circulated Hartford and if it gained enough signatures the choice to take the Mayor's job would appear on the November ballot. The signatures were obtained and voters decided 141 for and 87 against.

Baker said he wishes voters would have thought about his contributions to the city of Hartford.

"In the year and ten months I've been in office, we have gotten quite a bit of stuff accomplished," Baker said. "We got a police department we didn't have before, a news city hall, G.E.D classes started this last week. We got a $75,000 grant for a new fire truck."

Baker said he believes the ousting stems from a termination.

"I stepped on some toes whenever I terminated an employee for insubordination," he said.

On November 21, 2016 the Hartford city council will hold a meeting at City Hall to appoint a new Mayor. Until then the city's recorder/treasurer, Judy Adair will be the acting Mayor.

"I hope everybody knows that all we want is the good of Hartford. We are just going to try and move forward. This has been hard on our town," Adair said.