U Of A Chancellor Addresses Current Political Climate In Letter To Students

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — In a letter sent to students Saturday (Nov. 12), University of Arkansas Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz addressed the current political climate after some members of the university’s community expressed concerns.

“The purpose of this letter is to assure you that our values at the University of Arkansas have not changed,” Steinmetz writes. “We still value our diverse community of faculty, staff and students, representing many faiths, beliefs, and nationalities. We still value a culture of this richness of diversity and inclusion and want to remind our community that our policy is to provide an educational and work environment in which thought, creativity, and growth are nurtured and stimulated, and in which individuals are free to realize their full potential.”

Steinmetz called the university a place of work and study for students, faculty and staff that is free of all forms of discrimination, intimidation and exploitation.

“We must help each other and strive for civility, give each other a hand,” he writes. “I’m not talking about “political correctness.” I’m talking about being kind to each other. We can embrace our differences, talk about them productively and find a path forward. We must look out for our friends in all communities, those of all political stripes, and religions.”

Steinmetz then provided a list of resources on campus where students, faculty and staff can share their thoughts and concerns. He also announced the launch of a campus-wide series on social issues and encouraged the U of A community to participate. In that vein, Steinmetz mentioned “Project Unify,” which is a campaign announced by players on the Razorback women’s basketball team as an alternative to kneeling during the national anthem.


  • Benny Hill

    There are no words adequate enough to describe the stupidity of this letter and of liberals in general. Why any rational person would send their child to this funny farm to be educated is beyond me.

    • 40 Year Old Grad

      You are an idiot. The U of A is one of the most respected universities in the country, and they are ensuring their enrollment does not fall off due to the bullying of some whiney hillbillies. Rational people let their kids make decisions about which college to go to, as it is the kids future not the parents.

      Have you even been to college? Do you have any idea what sort of politics and social issues universities must deal with? You bring people from every possible walk of life, race, religion, etc, and throw them together in a fairly small area, it’s going to take some delicate policy to assure no one is discriminated against or made to believe they are not as valuable as any other student.

      The U of A has it right, you sir, need to grow up and realize the world has changed since the signs outside of town that read “N***er don’t let the sun set on your black a**”. There are no words to describe your stupidity in this matter.

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