Uncounted Early Voting Ballots Could Change Outcome Of Scott County Races

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WALDRON (KFSM) -- The outcome of some of the races in Scott County on the Nov. 8 general election ballot could change after a machine containing early votes was not counted last week, according to the Scott County Election Commission.

"It didn't have totals it should," Election Commission Chairman Daymon Cook said Monday (Nov. 14). "We got to looking around and found one of the machines had not been counted into the preliminary election results. Percentage-wise that could make a difference in the runoffs."

Cook expects 476 votes were not counted.

He said the error was an honest mistake and they are not sure how it was overlooked, but the missing votes could affect which candidates will be in the runoff race for sheriff, as well as two Justice of the Peace races.

"The state and national, it won't effect because not one of them were all that close," Cook said.

An official with the Arkansas Secretary of State's office will be in Scott County Thursday morning to count the votes and add them to the grand total.