Winter Wellness Techniques For The Holiday Season

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- During the holiday season many of us tend to forget about healthy habits, but practicing winter wellness techniques could save you a few winter worries.

The holidays are busy for almost everyone and taking long car rides to visit family, attending Christmas parties and putting in your holiday time at work can have a negative outcome on your health, and with the temperature and weather change, it can be harder to remain active.

Chiropractor Debbie England held a summit Monday (Nov. 14) to educate the community on what she calls winter wellness techniques.

"They're going to overwork and do crazy things and stay up all night, so a little fatigue goes a long way as far as muscles not working well, so I definitely strongly encourage people to keep up good habits," she said.

England said that everyone can benefit from adding a few small activities to their to-do list.

"Just getting up and moving honestly, so were not sitting as much, moving around in your house, taking walks, climbing your stairs. If you don't have a lot of stairs go borrow someones, somebody's got good stairs," she said.

England said watching what you eat is also vital to keeping your immune system strong during this time of year.

"As soon as you take a bite of sugar your immune system sort of depresses and so if there was a germ walking by and with no sugar on board you could probably pass by it wouldn't bother you, but as soon as it sees a little vulnerability it comes after you," she said.