Siloam Springs Police: Doing Vehicle Check Points In Search Of Missing Baby, Mother

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SILOAM SPRINGS (KFSM) — Police officers are doing vehicle checkpoints in the area of Tower Road in the search of a missing 18-month-old girl and her 35-year-old mother.

Tower Road is where Carol Elaine Davidson’s van was found on Tuesday (Nov. 14), according to police.
The checkpoints involve officers speaking with motorists to generate and obtain additional information which could lead to locating Davidson and her child, RoseMarry Davidson.
K-9s and air searches are ongoing near Lookout Tower Road.
According to police, Davidson’s family has not heard from her since Friday (Nov. 11),  but there were reports of her last being seen between noon and 3 p.m. Saturday (Nov. 12) at the Green Tree RV Park in Siloam Springs.
 In addition, police released new information Saturday morning (Nov. 19) regarding Davidson and RoseMarry.

Police have questioned RoseMarry’s father, Michael M. Reed, Siloam Springs Communications Manager Holland Hayden said Friday (Nov. 18).

Court records show Reed had requested visitation rights with RoseMarry, who was born in February 2015, and the court granted them just a few months ago. Those records also confirm Reed and Davidson lived together until Davidson was arrested.

Records indicate Davidson was arrested in October 2015 on charges of third-degree domestic battery in connection to an incident that occurred in September 2015. She pleaded guilty in January 2016 and was given 12 months probation, according to those court documents.

5NEWS also spoke with Reed’s mother via phone Friday, she declined to comment on the investigation, but said the situation has been very stressful.

Here’s a video of the child released by police:

Reed's mother also said RoseMarry has a square birthmark on her right cheek.

Authorities have been searching for the pair since Monday (Nov. 14).

So far, crews have been focusing their search on the Ozark National Forest in the area of Lookout Tower Road.

Police said a hunter found Davidson's 1999 Dodge Caravan on the side of that road Tuesday, but Davidson and her baby were nowhere to be found.

Police said they are concerned the child does not have enough supplies, since most of the baby's things were found in the van.

Investigators also said baby RoseMarry was running a fever Nov. 12, the last day Davidson was seen.

Authorities have searched the van.

They have also searched a fifth wheel RV Davidson and RoseMarry had been staying in at National Falls State Park in Oklahoma for a week and a half before Veterans Day.

Anyone with any information, or anyone who might have seen the van or trailer, can call Capt. Bryan Austin at (479) 524-4118 ext. 2220 or by email at

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