Ex-Boyfriend Delivers ‘Suspicious Package’ Prompting Bomb Threat In Greenland High School

GREENLAND (KFSM) — The Bentonville Bomb Squad cleared the scene after a “suspicious package” was reportedly delivered to a girl at Greenland High School on Monday (Nov. 21).

Bentonville Police Chief Jon Simpson said the bomb squad was sent to the high school to investigate a package on Monday afternoon, after school had ended. They determined the package was non-threatening shortly after 5 p.m.

A student received the package — which was a Walmart sack containing wrapped wires, screws and nails — from her ex-boyfriend, said Gary Ricker, Greenland police chief. She thought the package was a bomb and took the package to school officials, who put it in an outbuilding and called the police.

Ricker said the bomb squad x-rayed the package and determined it did not contain any explosives.

Police said the boy who delivered the package has been taken into police custody.