Charleston’s Defense Dominates During Season And Playoffs


CHARLESTON (KFSM)- Over the years Charleston, who runs the spread offense, has become known for lighting up scoreboards on Friday, but their defense has been the silent heroes helping the Tiger’s maintain a perfect record.

“Everybody always thinks of us as Charleston offense,” said senior linebacker Garrett Loughridge. “But, we really want to get back to being known as a defensive team and just shutting people out and playing our brand of defense.”

The Tigers’ defense has made a strong statement this season shutting out two opponents, and only allowing around 11-points per game. Charleston head coach Greg Kendrick knows how far a good defense can take you.

“Defense wins championships, there’s no doubt,” said Kendrick. “We’re a blue collar hard-nose physical football team that’s going to win with defense. Our kids like to say that the offense puts fans in the stands, but we hop to win a championship based on our defense.”

Charleston’s defensive unit credits the senior leadership as to why they have been able to stomp offenses this fall.

“Last year I think that’s one of the biggest things we lacked,” said Loughridge. “So we made it a huge thing this off-season to have that senior leadership and take over as seniors, and lead this team to where we are at right now.”

Charleston will play Glen Rose in the Class 3A semifinals this Friday.

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