Adventure Arkansas: Flying Over Fall Colors

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From hiking to biking there are so many ways to see the fall colors in the Natural State.  5NEWS Meteorologist, Sean Bailey, takes it up a notch as we explore the autumn sights from the air on this week's Adventure Arkansas!

We upped our leaf peeping game on Adventure Arkansas, flying over the colors in Bobby Faulkner’s powered parachute. Over the hills and valleys of Sebastian county, the skies at sunset illuminate the trees along the ridges and the riverbeds. Compared to Bobby's flyovers of the fall leaves the past few years, this year hasn’t been as vibrant. 

 “This fall the leaves seem to be more brown, and I don’t know if that’s due to the drier conditions that we’ve been having since other years past."

The weather conditions played a factor for sure. Typically you want a wetter spring, a sunny summer with cooler temperatures overnight. The sunshine was the only positive constant as we were drier than average this spring and very warm overnight this fall. Nonetheless, the views above our beautiful state still shine through.

Due to the calm and less humid conditions, our flight this time was even smoother in the powered parachute. This let us dip safely within a few feet of the treetops. We also got to be a UFO to all the confused cows below.  

Flights on his powered parachute are weather permitting. If you want to see these amazing aerial autumn views for yourself, contact Bobby Faulkner at 479-719-9153.

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