Local Veterans In Need Receive Food And Warmth

FORT SMITH ( KFSM) -- Volunteers with Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority and Antioch For Youth and Family handed out food and clothing to homeless veterans and veterans in need Thursday (Dec. 1).

The volunteers set up on North 17th Street in Fort Smith behind the Sparks Clinic. Volunteers estimated just under 100 veterans showed up.

"I was standing here looking around and this is just the tip of the iceberg," said volunteer Ivy Owen with the FCRA.

FCRA collected coats, winter clothing and blankets during the Fort Chaffee Veteran's Day Parade.

Director of Antioch Charolette Tidwell said her organization helps hundreds of homeless and in need families on a regular basis.

"There are still approximately 240 that we feed and we started the veterans mobile run in January of this year," Tidwell said.

Rex Williams and his wife showed up to the event after recently losing their home in California.

"This is our house. It's a 2006 F-150," Williams said.

The couple said they were living out of their vehicle until circumstances improved, but were glad to receive a little help until then.

"To see the volunteers, it's great. It's beautiful. It makes me think more or less I am my brothers keeper," he said.

Volunteers are already planning the another event because of the high turnout.

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