Logan County K-9 Sonji Receives Protective Vest


LOGAN COUNTY (KFSM) — Logan County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Sonji will be kept safe in her new body armor vest that was recently donated by a non-profit organization that assists law enforcement agencies in two countries.

Vested Interest in K-9s, Inc., located in Massachusetts, is the organization that donated the bullet and stab protective vest that is embroidered with, “In memory of K-9 Ike Vancouver Police Department.”

Logan County Sheriff Boyd Hicks explained the agency embroidered the Vancouver department onto the vest because the organization recognizes K-9s nationwide and in Canada who have lost their lives while serving and protecting.

The organization thrives on donations and supports small departments that don’t have a lot of funds, Hicks said.

After K-9 Kina of Greenwood Police Department was shot and went missing during the  standoff in Augustthat killed Sebastian County Deputy Bill Cooper Sonji’s handler, Auxiliary Deputy Dawn Owens of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, realized a need.

Owens along with Hicks applied for the vest and it was received Tuesday (Nov. 29).

Sonji has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 2015.  During that time, she has assisted in 12 felony drug busts in the county, Hicks said.

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