Flavors Of Christmas: The Popped Popcorn Company

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In this week’s Flavors of Christmas, Megan Graddy went to The Popped Popcorn Company in Fort Smith to see how they keep people coming back for more of their delicious gourmet popcorn.

The Popped Popcorn Company is a family owned and operated business that is keeping the history alive, as well as a classic well-known treat.

The Powell family bought the business back in 2008 and have been known for their tasty variety of flavors ever since.

Jane, daughter of Mike and Pam Powell also helps out with the family business and tells us about the history that runs deeper than just the popcorn.

“Fort Smith didn’t have any kind of physical therapy for patients with Spina Bifida so Mrs. Kistler started it and it became known at SB popcorn,” said Jane.

“When we bought it in 2008, we wanted to preserve as much as we could, so our baseboards, our flooring, our color scheme all comes from the cold water walk up which is up stairs from us,” said Jane.

It’s time to place your Christmas orders too!

“Our Christmas tins recently arrived so we are able to let our customers pick out their tins, our tins are divided into 1-2-or3 flavors and you actually get to pick from any of our 31 flavors,” said Jane.

Pam Powell said the best part about their tins is that they are refillable, so not only are you giving a gift or receiving a gift, but it’s something you can come enjoy again and again!

“You can come and select your tin now and give us what day you want to pick up and we will not fill it until the day you want to pick it up so when you leave the popcorn is fresh,” said Pam.

You won’t believe how much popcorn they go through either.

“We went through roughly 5,000 lb. of just kernels,” said Jane.

And this year the Powell family is prepared for even more.

“7,500 lb. of kernels this Christmas, “said Jane.

The Popped Popcorn Company also offers a unique gift to its customers.

“We can ship it to anywhere or anyone across the US or within Ark,” said Jane.

But they don’t limit their fluffy goodness to the holidays though.

“The popcorn is really popular among birthday parties and weddings,” said Jane.

Lisa Lewis has been coming to The Popped Popcorn Company for about four years now and said she uses them all times of the year.

“They make really small bags of popcorn that fit your wedding, that’s what I love,” said Lisa.

Let’s get to their gourmet flavors!

Lisa also loves that she is supporting a local business instead of buying from a franchise.

“It is not mass produced in a major factory family owned and we know that every kernel that has been popped is cooked here in Fort Smith in this small little office and you can taste the difference and the friendliness they have here is awesome,” said Lisa.

“We want our customers to know that when they walk out with a bag of our gourmet popcorn that it was just popped and flavored within our building, at Christmas the popcorn may have just come out, before it’s out the door,” said Jane.

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