Local Author Brings Joy Of Reading To Children

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Christmas is right around the corner, and some parents may be looking for something to help keep their kids busy during the long break from school. A book written by one local author could make a great stocking-stuffer for your children this holiday season.

Zach Bliss is a Fort Smith native, Southside High School graduate and author of "Wild Beast Cat".

The chapter book begins when a boy named Chris hears that a neighbor's pet rabbit has been devoured by a mysterious, six-toed cat. Chris then teams up with a girl named Jesse on an adventure to uncover the truth behind the myth of the infamous "Wild Beast Cat".

There's a lot of fun and wild twists along the way, but Bliss said the children's book is more about the friendship that develops between the young boy and girl.

Friendship has also played a role in Bliss's life through this book. He's made a lot of unlikely friends, even with some of his young fans in the area.

10-year-old Daxxton West said he plans to read "Wild Beast Cat" more than once and will also share it with his little sister one day. "I bet when she starts reading, her first book is going to be Zach Bliss's," said West.

According to Bliss, writing for kids and reading to students at various schools in the area through the "Arm Yourself with Words" campaign is the real payday from this accomplishment. "Its been the biggest payday for me - period. Aside from selling the books," said Bliss. He adds, "The experience and interacting with the young people at all these different schools has been so rewarding."

Bliss will be making a special appearance at the main Fort Smith Public Library to promote and sign copies of "Wild Beast Cat". The event is happening from 4 pm. to 6 p.m. on Thursday (Dec. 15). The book is on sale for $10.

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