A Van Buren School’s Annual Music Video Gains Popularity

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) --  The music teacher at Parkview Elementary is an Emmy award winning composer, and every year he brings his music class together for a tradition that is new in nature, but is already taking off in its short existence.
"I started hearing "Carol the Bells," bum-ba-ba-da," said Kevin Croxton,  "then I started hearing Harry Potter, and I thought those things would work together well.”
For the past four years, Croxton brings his Parkview Elementary music class to Van Buren locations  — to create music videos.

“Last year was our biggest, we did "Star Wars: Christmas Awakens,"" he said, "it was a Star Wars version of Scrooge and it was wildly successful.”

Music student Lanie Moore agrees, "i
t’s really cool to see how it grows every year, and it’s so cool all of the music that's in it.”

Last year's video got about 17,000 YouTube views and the goal this year — was to top that.

“How can you compete with Star Wars? Well, you can’t compete with Star Wars" as Croxton answered his own question, then he said, "you just gotta do something else.”

So this year, they combined Fantastic Beasts, Harry Potter, and Christmas to create a video that
Croxton said already has thousands of views.

“I guess you could call me a main character," said music student Evan Everett, "I thought it was pretty cool.”

Pretty cool that this took off in popularity so fast. They’ll try to do it all over again next year, according to Croxton.

“How can we top this? I don’t know, but we’re gonna find some way. You’ll be surprised when we do,” he said.
The video was a production that involved the community -- from kids and teachers at the school, to the city of Van Buren, and even Bricktown Brewery.