Farmington Man Talks About Losing Everything In Fire

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FARMINGTON (KFSM) -- A fire in Farmington that began Friday evening (Dec. 16) destroyed two families' homes, after a vehicle hit a gas line causing an explosion that consumed a duplex.

Jim Burba came home from work early on Friday and was taking a nap when he heard a loud crash, which he says isn't uncommon for the intersection outside his door.

“I opened the door and the sound of the gas coming out sounded like a tornado or something," Burba said. "It was just weird. It was just a big rush of wind and you feel the heat coming up from behind you."

That was just moments after a vehicle hit a gas line, causing an explosion.

“Everybody was stopping in the was, I've never seen anything like that," he said. "The grass all of a sudden just started catching on fire and there were flames shooting up."

Burba got in his car and drove his car away to save it from the fire before returning to watch his home burn. He said he was in shock.

“There wasn't anything you could do," he said. "I wanted to try and go back in and get some stuff, but I was just afraid it was going to blow up."

Burba's home of eight years was devoured by flames.

“I was just thinking there goes everything I've ever owned...because they couldn't put it out," he said. "They sprayed the houses down for hours, but it was still burning."

Burba said he is staying with friends for now and doesn't know what his plans are for the future. However, he said he is thankful for his family, friends and the company where he works.

He said it was great to see the community come together during this difficult time.

“The people of Farmington, that's why we moved there," he said. "They are great people and the community sticks together, and I think they'll still stick together. They support everybody...they are good people."

The family living in the other duplex also lost everything in the fire.

Go Fund Me pages have been created for both families.