Flavors of Christmas- Neal’s Cafe’

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For this week’s Flavors of Christmas, Megan Graddy is back at Neal’s Café, let’s see what Don has for us this time!

The Holiday season is upon us so that means times with family, good food, and holiday celebrations.

Neal’s Café is your one stop shop for seasonal favorites, in house catering, large parties, and of course their famous pies.

Their seasonal homemade meals will hit the spot on a cold winter day.

"When we make chicken noodle soup, we put a lot of chicken in it, we also have a beef stew, and a chili during the winter season," said Don.

Neal’s Café is your one stop shop for seasonal favorites, in house catering, large parties, and of course their famous pies.

Dana Samples is a Neal’s regular and can’t stay away from his favorite meal.

"I had the world's best fried chicken, green beans, I had corn, I had corn  bread, great meal today," said Dana.

Diana Blas may have tried Neal’s for the first time, but I doubt it will be her last.

"Everything was great there was nothing I didn't like, they took my plate but I practically licked my plate," said Diana.

This year, Neal’s Café hit a new record pie sales.

"The day before Thanksgiving we sold three hundred pies," said Don.

"Our best seller 3 to 1 has to be out coconut cream pie," said Don.

"I wonder if that's fresh coconut," said Diana.

Yes ma'am it is, only the best from Neal's Cafe, but that's not their only pie option.

"We offer coconut, chocolate, lemon, banana, pineapple, apple cherry, blueberry, pumpkin, pecan, and we also have a chocolate pecan," said Don.

That's just a few of them, Don said they have over 30 different pie options, if you want a certain one, just call ahead and they will make one up fresh for you!

And for those who want a hot meal on their lunch break, they have you covered.

"Just call ahead, tell us what you want, what time you are going to be here, and we will have it ready waiting on you at a table," said Don.

"It's a great place to eat lunch," said Dana.

So whether you want their chicken fried steak,  classic chicken fried chicken, a hearty soup, or their daily special, you are sure to find something to fill you up.

"And something else, the service at Neal's is the best anywhere," said Dana.

"You can start eating at Neal's on Tuesday come everyday of the week until Sunday and never eat the same thing," said Don.

"The Neal family are great people, they have a great tradition, of serving wonderful food," said Dana.

"We feel like if we get you in here one time, that you will be back," said Don.

"And uh we will be back," said Diana.

Don wants everyone to know they will be open until Christmas Eve, December 24th, at 2:00pm and will reopen on Tuesday, January 3rd.

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