Gentry Safari Working To Keep Giraffes Healthy As Worldwide Numbers Hit Historic Lows

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GENTRY (KFSM) -- One of the most recognizable animals has had it's endangered status changed from "least concern" to "vulnerable." Now, the Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari in Gentry is working to make sure their two giraffes are living long and healthy lives.

The giraffes, Scarlett and Sophia, have been at the safari since they were a few months old. Manager Charles Wilmoth said while giraffes are in danger, they may not be the only animals in trouble.

"Just because their natural habitat is kinda getting overgrown or taken over by humans. A lot of animals are in that same situation," Wilmoth said.

Wilmoth said one of the best things people in Arkansas can do is donate to an organization that works to help keep these long-necked creatures and other animals safe. He said having the opportunity to be up close with wild animals could inspire people to do more for those near extinction.

"Then it gives them a connection, a personal connection, to where they can go back and study more animals and that's good," Wilmoth said.

Wilmoth also said they have not had anyone reach out to them to help with their giraffes and that most of the money they receive for the animals comes from ticket sales.