Mother Teaches Son To Give Back On MLK Day

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Many people spent time Monday (Jan. 16) volunteering in their communities to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Anya Bruhin and her son, Fox, did just that at Tri Cycle Farms in Fayetteville.

Bruhin said they have participated in many different projects, from cleaning up a house with Habitat for Humanity to clearing honeysuckles at Gregory Park.

"If he learns from a young age that on this day of all days, as well as other days, that we come out and interact with people we maybe don't know and try to get in touch with the community a little bit better, instead of stuck at home in front of our screens doing our own thing," she said.

Bruhin believes her son will have a richer life when he gets older if he continues volunteering.

On Monday, Fox spent time on the farm cutting brush and taking photos.

"It's great to see him grow up and give back and experience some stuff we may not get to experience on our little half-acre plot in the suburbs," Bruhin said.

She recommended the website to parents who are looking for ways to volunteer with their children.

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  • Jasper Newton

    Headline should have read: “Rich White Liberal in Fayetteville Forces Son to do Labor so She can Get on News to Prove She Cares.” Yawn.

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