State Lawmakers Discuss Proposed Carry On Campus Bill

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FAYETTEVILLE(KFSM)--  State lawmaker Charlie Collins is hoping that his proposed bill for state university employees to carry concealed weapons on campus will pass this year.

Last year the proposed bill  only received 10 of the 11 votes needed to go before the full house.

The chamber of commerce held an open forum on Friday (Jan. 20) for people to voice the concerns.  At the start of the meeting there was standing room only. University of Arkansas students and faculty came out in numbers to discuss the carry on campus bill.

"I think its more important to trust what our police officers believe is the best resources and ways that they can deal with any situation like that," U of A faculty member Jeannie Hulen said.

Hulen thinks there are other ways the university can protect themselves from an unexpected gunman.

"I think that more funding towards security officers on our campus would actually do a lot more for a deterrent," she said.

This is the third time Collins will present the bill for legislation. With Republicans picking up more seats this year, he is hopeful it will pass.