Surveillance Video Shows Store Break-In

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) -- Crawford County deputies were called to River Valley Electronics just after 1 a.m. on Wednesday (Jan. 25) to investigate a break-in.

Surveillance video shows a truck back up to the stores front entrance, two suspects get out of the truck and deputies said they smashed the front glass door.

Once inside, the video shows the two suspects, one wearing a mask, throw many items into the back of the truck. Store owner Allan Weimer said it was hard to watch the video.

"I worked hard you know? Everything in this store I worked previous to opening this store to earn the money to purchase it, to resale and make a living for me and my family," Weimer said.

Weimer said he recognized one of the suspects in the video. He said the man had become a regular customer.

"He came in and told me he was opening a store in Washington, picked my brain a little bit. I tried to help him a little bit in that aspect and I think that's why this robbery occurred is because he was trying to fill his own store with my inventory," he said.

Crawford County deputies said they found the two suspects at a home on Highway 282 north of Van Buren. They said they found empty boxes from the break-in and arrested two brothers, Barry and Christian Gier on theft charges.

"Thankfully, for the Crawford County police department. I appreciate it, that it took 45 minutes to catch them and recover my merchandise," Weimer said.