Arkansas Senator Reacts To President’s Order On Refugees

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (KFSM) — A statement was released on Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton’s (R) website, in response to President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees.

“It’s simply wrong to call the President’s executive order concerning immigration and refugees a religious test of any kind. I doubt many Arkansans or Americans more broadly object to taking a harder look at foreigners coming into our country from war-torn nations with known terror networks. I think they’re wondering why we don’t do that already. With proper procedures for green-card holders and immigrants with a documented history of serving alongside our troops, I think most Americans support these common-sense measures. I also think it’s high time we took action to fix an ill-designed refugee program that harms Christians and other religious minorities who’ve suffered from genocide in Syria. Whatever the media and liberal politicians may say, I’m confident that, under Secretary Kelly’s leadership, these measures will help keep America safe.”


  • Lisa Harden

    Not a religious test? Last time I looked Muslim was a religion. Wonder why Trump didn’t ban Saudi Arabia, considering most of the 911 hijackers were from there. Notice he didn’t ban any countries that have his hotels there?

  • nwajack0

    Restricting immigration & banning refugees? Fine. But denying legal green card holders re-entry without warning is going to cost the taxpayer in legitimate lawsuits, has sent a message to our allies in the affected countries, and is going to take the focus off of jobs.

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