Proposed Medical Marijuana Bills Limit Edibles, Smoking In Arkansas

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — An Arkansas representative helped submit three bills on Monday (Jan. 30) that would change the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment.

Rep. Robin Lundstrum (R-District 87) filed HB1392 along with Sen. Gary Stubbefield (R-District 6), which would ban medical marijuana edibles from being manufactured, sold, purchased or exchanged in the state. A patient or their caretaker could still put marijuana into food or drink, however.

Lundstrum and Sen. Jason Rapert (R-District 35) also sponsored House Bill 1400, which was filed at 4:20 p.m. on Monday. The proposed amendment would ban smoking medical marijuana in Arkansas. It also removes part of the bill that would allow landlords to permit a medical marijuana patient to smoke in a leased property.

Lundstrum also filed a third bill with Sen. Bart Hester (R-District 1) that would introduce an emergency clause that states “local zoning regulations permitting or prohibiting dispensaries and cultivation facilities in certain locations must take effect prior to the issuing of licenses for dispensaries and cultivation centers.”

HB1391 would also allow cities or towns to regulate or prohibit dispensaries or cultivation facilities. The bill states that this amendment is necessary to give cities and towns time to decide by vote whether they will allow the dispensaries or cultivation facilities.

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  • Never go full liberal

    Stop with the bureaucratic bull crap already!!! Arkansas voters voted for this, you better remember that!! I don’t smoke, but I voted for this to pass to help people who can benefit from it. We understand big pharma has their hands in your pockets, you had best pull them out or you will get pulled out next election!!!

  • arkansasguy12

    This is very manipulative moves from our elected officials. Like really? No smoking? No edibles? Just stuff to drop in your drink? I don’t want some concentrated manufactured bs. I guess I’ll keep driving to Denver and giving them more tax money for my flower when I should be giving to my own state! Thanks a lot Arkansas!

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