Increased Security Following Reported Threats At Ozark School

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OZARK (KFSM) -- Ozark parents have raised concerns about their children attending classes due to several violent fights allegedly breaking out between students at school.  Police said they plan to have a strong presence at Ozark Junior High on Friday (Feb. 3).

Parents have also reached out to local police. In a post on Facebook, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office said they will be assisting the Ozark Police Department with increasing security throughout the school day.


Parents have said this week alone there were at least ten fights. Other parents have told 5NEWS that students are reportedly declaring Friday as "fight day" with the possibility of weapons being brought to the junior high campus. According to Ozark School Superintendent Jim Ford, "We are sorting out what are rumors and what are facts." Ford said they don't know what the recent fights were over in the past five days, but they're trying to get to the bottom of how these rumors were started.

The Ozark School District is also making a statement on social media that said they're aware of this situation and that any threats are treated with urgency and all precautions will be taken.


"We have some names and leads right now that we're following up on," said Ford.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office asks that you call police immediately if you know any information about these threats and who may be involved.