Peevy Leads By Example For Lady Eagles

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Paris (KFSM)--The Lady Eagles have had an up and down season, but one consistent has been Lycia Peevy. The quiet senior leads not with her words, but with her play, averaging nearly 13-points per game.

"A lot of my coaches tell me that I lead by telling my teammates what to do," said Peevy. "I just kind of play and lead by example in that kind of way. I feel like over the years I have done a better job of that each year."

Peevy distributes the ball just as well as she shoots it, as the senior leads the team with 50 assists. Her talents caught the eye of Arkansas State, and she signed with Red Wolves in the Fall.

 "A couple of my teammates that I played AAU basketball with since seventh grade, on my maverick team also go there," said Peevy. "They went there a year ahead of me and I played with a couple of the girls against them, with them so I know them. I just felt it wasn’t too far, but it was close enough I just felt like I could make a home there."

Head Coach Irvin Fairfield agrees that A-State is a perfect fit, and thinks it will bring out her untapped potential

"A Division I school I think she’s going to fit in there a role probably better than she does in high school. Because, we are having to play her a lot on the post, where there she’ll play a lot on the perimeter and she has excellence skills for that. Her best basketball is yet to come."

With just a handful of regular season games left with Peevy on the roster, Fairfield and the Eagles know how big of a vacancy she will leave behind.

"Talent wise she’s the top of everyone," said Fairfield. "She’s as talented as anyone who has been through here. There will be a big void so you know it will take two or three people to fill all of the things that she does."