Trent Loyd Leads Pea Ridge With Energy

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PEA RIDGE (KFSM) -- Trent Loyd is just 27-years-old and already a successful head coach at Pea Ridge. His youth allows for an easier connection to the team.

"I wear the tights underneath the shorts and they get on me and stuff, but I try to be relevant, I try to be upbeat with them," Loyd said. "I'm think I'm passionate, I'm a guy that tries to be very disciplined. I try to bring some excitement and energy."

According to senior Cole Wright, Loyd's style is, "Focused on physicality and aggressiveness. I think we've adjusted more to his playing style than he has to ours."

"I let the guys know that I care about them, but I'm gonna get on them at the same time," said Loyd.

A couple of years ago, Loyd was mad at halftime of a junior high school game. He tried to break a clipboard over his knee but couldn't do it.

"Tried it on this knee, couldn't break it. Tried it on the other one, finally got it," Wright said.

Anyone who knows Coach Loyd knows that it's been a good sports year for him. "I'm a Cubs fan, my family's a big Cubs fans so we enjoyed that one...We played it up on the jumbotron, the Cubs win, the final play."

"He'll always wear Cubs stuff, I mean the day they won the World Series he had it playing on the big video board," senior Matt Thomas said.

"It's almost annoying how much he brags on the Cubs, it's every day," said Wright.

Trent Loyd's enthusiasm is both fun and relatable, tried and true. He's led the Blackhawks to a 23-1 record.