Adventure Arkansas: Devil’s Den Yellow Rock Trail

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Hey guys Megan Graddy here, for this week’s Adventure Arkansas I’m at Devil’s Den Park enjoying this beautiful weather, let’s head on up to the trail head and see what we can find.

This breath taking panoramic view sits above some of the most beautiful terrain in the middle of North West Arkansas and the River Valley.

Devil’s Den State Park, just off I-49 just north of the Bobby Hopper Tunnel.

Hiking in the winter might sound unusual, but there are perk; no bugs, fewer snakes,  it’s not as hot, and there’s a less crowded trail.

I hiked Yellow Rock Trail, which is over 80 years old and one Devil’s Den’s original trails.

It’s a three mile hike and takes about 2 hours, perfect for a nice afternoon to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature.

The Yellow Rock Trail leads you to one of the best views in the park, a wide open view of the Lee Creek Valley.

Park Superintendent, Monte Fuller said this spot is getting extra attention on social media.

Also getting attention, hikers leaving these balancing rock formations behind along the shores of Lee Creek.

It’s a new trend for nature-goers.

But, Fuller warns building these masterpieces, could be disturbing the balance of nature in the micro-environments living under rocks pulled from the creek.

Fuller said that visitors are encouraged during all seasons at Devil’s Den, but to be smart.

Have a plan of action, don’t over extend of exert yourself, stay hydrated, leave no trace, and take a friend so you can enjoy the beauty of Devil’s Den Park together.

To learn more about Yellow Rock Trail, click here!

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas, I’m Megan Graddy.

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