Garrett’s Blog: January 3rd Hottest Globally; But What About Locally?

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January 2017 was the 3rd hottest January on record globally.

The historical data goes back 137 years and is comprised of 6,300 weather stations around the world.

Last year’s 2016 month of January was the hottest on record with a temperatures 1.12ºC warmer than the mean temperature.

The second hottest January was 2007 at 0.96ºC warmer.

This year was 0.92ºC warmer than the mean.


Locally, January 2017 was the 10th warmest in NW Arkansas.


In the Fort Smith area, January 2017 was the 15th warmest on record.

February 2017 is also on track to be one of the warmest on record both globally as well as locally.