Local Student Wins State Individual Bowling Championship

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GREENWOOD (KFSM)- A Greenwood High School student has won the ultimate title in Arkansas for a sport you may not expect.

The approach, the throw, and the angles are all part of the game that a great bowler focuses on and sophomore, Madison Zollicoffer has all of that down.

Madison now holds the state individual bowling championship title.

"I went to conference and I ended up getting third in conference and then I went to state and I won state," Madison said. "It was amazing. I never thought I could win anything like that. I was so excited and just hugging everybody. I was a really great feeling."

Watching Madison perfect her bowling skills for more than seven years now, her dad, Keith Zollicoffer said he couldn't be more proud.

"It's so different being the parent," Zollicoffer said. "You get the butterflies in your stomach, you get the excitement build up and when you know it's close, you get all that anxiety and excitement at the same time. Once you actually see the scores coming in, then you realize she's done it. I knew she could it it the whole time."

Even with the state championship title, Madison said she wants to continue to get better.

"Honestly, I wouldn't consider myself the best bowler out there," Madison said. "To be a good bowler, you just have to try your best and concentrate on the things that you need to concentrate on, work with others around you and just be the best you can be."

She said it's the pressure that keeps her playing.

"Pressure plays a big part of it," Madison said. "It helps me stay concentrated and everybody is watching so you have to slow down and breathe and you just go up and bowl your best."

With multiple awards under her belt, Madison hopes to bowl in college and her family is behind her.

"I plan to keep practicing and playing as much as I can," Madison said. "I plan to go to college and I would like to bowl for college and keep getting better and better and win more competitions."

"The opportunities that she has to be able to potentially bowl for a college, that's exciting," Zollicoffer said. "Whatever she decides to do, her mother and I are supporting her 100 percent."

Aside from bowling for Greenwood High School, Madison also plays for a league on Saturdays.

She said her grandfather and cousin help coach her in addition to her high school's coaches.