Garrett Brothers Lead Har-Ber To Top Of 7A West

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)--Har-Ber has won 15 of its past 17 games and sits atop the 7A West basketball conference. A reason for the hot streak has been the Garrett brothers, junior Tyler and freshman Austin.

We've been playing our whole life, since like fourth or fifth grade we've been playing together," said Tyler.

"Fourth grade, fifth grade, me and my brother and my cousins DJ, Curtis, Edmond, all playing outside. We were playing football at first but then they were like, you know, basketball is your thing," Austin said.
Austin affectionately refers to his older brother as 'baby' because he stands two inches taller at 6'4". Tyler has earned his fair share of bragging rights as well. "When I beat him I think 27-3 and I beat him pretty bad. That's one story I remember."
"Even if they didn't look alike you could tell they were brothers. Just the way they look at each other and act toward each other. Just their intensity toward each other," said senior Zane King. "I love playing with them. They're both intense. They want me to be the best I can be."
"The older brother does a lot of that with his younger brother. I think he challenges him. They have each other's back that's for sure," head coach Scott Bowlin said. The brothers routinely play one-on-one games after practice, as they have been doing for years.

"It's great playing with my brother and playing at this level," Tyler said.