Residents Concerned After Two Bodies Found Not Far From Their Homes

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) — Some people who live close to an area where two bodies were found during the weekend say they are concerned with their safety.

The bodies were found off of Lookout Tower Road near Martin Pedro Road.

Harlow McGarrah has lived on Martin Pedro Road for years and said he sees many of the drivers who go past his home.

He said the news of the findings of the two bodies alarms him.

McGarrah said he is spooked because of how close the discovery was to his home.

Rebecca Dawdy, who also lives in the area, said she also has concerns.

She said she has seen police coming and going for the past few days.

Even with her worries, Dawdy is relying on her faith during this time.

“Bad things happen no matter where you are," Dawdy said. "It’s a sad part of life. It’s a broken world, but I have faith in God, I have faith in Jesus and I know that bad things will happen, but to sit and worry about it is not going to do me any good.”

Both Dawdy and McGarrah explained the area around their homes is heavily wooded and full of trees and brush.

“Brush... has come up tremendously thick," McGarrah said. "Real thick. You can’t get through it. It would be easy to get out there and hide yourself or somebody hide something without you ever finding it.”

Most in the area said they hope that investigators will be able to figure the identity of the two bodies and what happened.

McGarrah and Dawdy said they wonder if the bodies were the remains of Carol Davidson and her child who went missing in November of 2016.

At this time police have not released the identities of the two bodies.

Not everyone who lives along Martin Pedro Road are as worried as their neighbors.

Some said they think this is an isolated incident that will not affect them in any way.

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  • usarmyairborne

    This is an isolated area. Whoever dumped the bodies knew what they were doing. Had the hunter not found the bodies then there is a good possibility they would have never been found.

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