Huntsville Park Adds New Wheelchair Swing

HUNTSVILLE (KFSM) -- The park might be more like an obstacle for people with disabilities, but one Northwest Arkansas city has made a much needed addition so just about everyone can enjoy the outside.

"Seeing little kids in it now, 3 and 4-years old this weekend playing in it. It's obviously a feature I can't wait to see it be of use like it's intended for," James Sisk said.

His team installed a new swing that will accommodate a wheelchair. He said the wheelchair swing will help make the park enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

The Kiwanis Club of Huntsville spent the past 2 years raising money for the swing. It was named in honor of Gary Hattfield, a member of the club whose son was wheelchair bound after an accident.

The city is hoping to add more unique features like this around the park.