Walmart Warns Customers That Refund Checks Are Real, Not Scams

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) — Walmart is telling shoppers to double check before they throw away refund checks from the company.

Walmart wants customers, often wary of scams and bogus checks, to know that these checks are real, reported CBS affiliate KMOV.

Walmart issues refund checks to people who overpay at the Walmart pharmacy, vision center or care clinic. Each year, Walmart sends out thousands of checks to customers who have overpaid.

However, customers often throw them out thinking they’re a scam.

If you were issued one of the refund checks, but threw it away thinking it was a fraud, there is a way to get the check reissued. Call Walmart at 866-788-5580.

Walmart issued the following statement:

“Walmart Global Shared Services is a division of Walmart, Inc and issues refund checks.  These checks are overpayments for services purchased from the pharmacy, vision center or care clinics in our stores. It’s a refund customers are entitled to receive and should feel assured to cash them.”