Adventure Arkansas: Kings River Falls Hike

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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Adventure Arkansas,  went to Kings River Falls after the heavy rain, let head on to the trail head and see what we can find.

The Kings River cascaded over the rock formations, crashing into a white vortex of mist then continues flowing down the peaceful river.

This hike along the river is a two mile round-trip marked with blue trail blazes.

Be aware if there has been a recent heavy air, the trail will be washed out with water, so dress accordingly.

The unseasonably warm temperatures have called flowers to bloom early, but it’s a nice reminder spring is right around the corner.

On your hike the trail will guide you over large slab rocks, pass over a metal bridge, and make your way down the trail all while listening to the rush of water to your right.

I even spotted some deer while I was on my hike grazing in a near by pasture.

The river flows swiftly from the rain earlier this week.

As you walk you are serenaded by the gentle flowing, but as you near the falls the water goes from a calm rush over the limestone a roar.

Once you make it to the falls enjoy the crisp cool water’s mist from splashing off of the smooth river flowing below, the color wasn’t its normal deep turquoise from the rain, but still beautiful as ever.

Feeling adventurous? Up on the ridge to the left of the falls, there is a series of waterfalls growing larger each tear.

It’s an intense incline to the top, be prepared for a chance of wet feet, but the view from the top, is worth the climb and wet socks.

From Kings River Falls I’m Megan Graddy for with week’s Adventure Arkansas for 5NEWS.

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