City In Arkansas Recognized As A ‘Purple Heart City’

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ALMA (KFSM) -- The city of Alma is now recognized as a 'Purple Heart City'.

Mayor, Keith Greene explained, "A 'Purple Heart City' is a city that recognizes the sacrifices and efforts of combat veterans that have served in all branches of the military that were either wounded or killed in action."

Greene said that he estimates the county has more than 200 Purple Heart recipients, including Joe Cannon. Cannon is a veteran of the Vietnam War and two-time Purple Heart recipient.

After living in Alma for 15 years, he says seeing the signs on the roadways brings him a feeling of pride.

"And I think when veterans drive by and they see that," said Cannon, "I think it makes them proud to be part of a city that recognizes them."

5NEWS drove along through Alma with Cannon today, looking at the signs. Soon, Cannon is moving to Kansas City to be with his children.

When asked if he'd miss Alma, Cannon said, "Oh my gosh, yes. Are you kidding me?"

Just as he leaves, the city of Alma remembers and recognizes its veterans.

Cannon says he's soaked in the last 15 years in the town.

"What it means to me is that the people of Alma recognize the veterans who served, not only the Purple Heart veterans, but all veterans who served for their country."