Local Chef Chosen To Be On National TV Show Shares His Story

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- A local chef will soon compete in 'Guy's Grocery Games' on Food Network. Brent Hale owns Big Sexy Food and a food truck right off College Avenue in Fayetteville.

Hale was born in Fort Smith but grew up in Arlington (TX). His parents and grandparents are all great cooks, so Hale grew up with plenty of practice in the kitchen.

He went to culinary school for a year and shortly after, got a job doing what he loved. Down the road, Hale met his wife and opened up his first catering business, Dining By Design.

Hale made his way back to Arkansas through his wife's job and now they've been living in Fayetteville for seven years. He started Big Sexy Food over a year ago, but his food truck has only been in business for eight months.

Cooking is a family affair, but it all started with Hale's Luncheonette in Fort Smith. Hale's grandpa owned the restaurant and passed when Brent was a baby.

Although they never got a chance to know each other well, Hale keeps the memory of his grandpa close. "I feel like I kind of harness his energy from time to time," Hale said.

The simplicity of Hale's kitchen on wheels makes him think his grandpa would be cooking on a food truck if he was still alive today. "It was a little luncheonette, one of those diner set ups," said Hale. "His line was very similar to what we have set up here."

Creativity is something Hale strives for on or off the food truck. "We try to forget we're on a food truck and just produce good quality food," said Hale.

The episode will air on Sunday (April 30) on the Food Network.

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