Local Family Gathering Donations To Help Oklahoma Wildfire Victims

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RATCLIFF (KFSM) --  Fire crews continue the battle to extinguish a wildfire in Northwest Oklahoma, along with parts of Kansas and Texas.

The fire started last week and has spread across more than 800,000 acres. The Oklahoma Forestry Service reports 42 percent of the fire is contained. Numerous farms and livestock have been lost in the fires.

Tyrell Berry, a truck driver from Ratcliff, Arkansas felt an urge to help the farmers as he drove through the area while on his truck route.

"It's an apparent wasteland. Everything is black," Berry said. "One farmer out there lost over 60 pair of cows. One ranch needs over 200 miles of fence rebuilt. There's cattle they are having to put down everyday. The numbers are just going through the roof. They've lost over 5,000 head and the count is just going up."

Berry decided to donate some of his own hay to farmers in Oklahoma. He said he asked other farmers if they would donate and his plan to help took off.

"Text messages or phone calls everyday. People wanting to donate hay or people wanting to drive or trying to get me trucks," Berry said.

Berry and his mother, Marilyn Martini, are heading a local effort to gather supplies and ship them to farmers truly in need.

They have set up a drop off site at their home in Ratcliff and at a site in Fayetteville. The family said they will also pick up items if needed. To contact the family, call (361) 488-8014, or (361) 488-8016.

The family said they are looking for donations of hay, fence supplies, livestock medicine, gloves, bottled water and time from trucking and shipping companies.