Fayetteville Public Schools To Investigate Fencing Needs Of District’s Elementary Schools

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Fayetteville Public Schools announced on Tuesday (March 14) they would conduct an audit to determine the fencing needs of all elementary schools in the district.

FPS will look at each of the elementary school playgrounds to see where fencing should be added to keep children safe.

This announcement follows the death of 6-year-old Adron Benton, who wandered away from school and fell into a private pool on March 7. The school conducted an internal investigation following the child's death.

"We are acting swiftly with the intent to ensure that this situation and any related situation of a child being able to leave school property never happens again," Superintendent Matthew Wendt said.

On Monday (March 13), a district spokesperson said five Vandergriff Elementary staff members were placed on paid administrative leave as part of the investigation, which is a standard procedure. The district confirmed that the five employees were paraprofessionals who were on the playground when the child wandered off. There were 16 students on the playground and five staff members that day.

"We do this because it is in their best interest and it is in our best interest. We want to ensure that the investigations are pure and the integrity is in place once results are released," Wendt said.

A fence will be installed around the Vandergriff Elementary playground while the district is on Spring Break.