Doctors See Spike In Vasectomy Request During NCAA Tournament

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- It’s the beginning of the NCAA Tournament and bracket predictions are in. Both sports bars and doctors offices are expecting large crowds throughout the month.

While some are out on Dickson Street, a clever group of basketball fans are at home recovering.

Strange, right? Urologist are used to seeing a spike in vasectomy requests around this time of year. Doctors say they see anywhere from a 15 to 30 percent increase during the tournament season. Since its such a popular time for the procedure, you have to plan ahead to get a spot.

"In general it does take a few months to get in to see us for a vasectomy so unless they're planning ahead and they're real good about their schedule they may call a month before but they may miss that NCAA tournament window if they're not calling early," Dr. Adam Childs said.

Childs said the procedure is cost efficient and usually takes about 20 minutes. It can require a up to a week of recovery, which is why most basketball fans choose tournament season to schedule procedures.

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