Bella Vista Residents Explain Thoughts On Roundabout

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM) -- As progress on the temporary roundabout continues in Bella Vista, some residents are still concerned about the new addition.

Crews opened a new exit lane on Monday afternoon for drivers traveling south on I-49 and using exit 93.

The lane change is scheduled to last until the roundabout is complete.

While crews continue to work, one man in Bella Vista says the roundabout is a bad idea.

"To me I think it's going to be a disaster for us," David Schwendemann said. "With the older people that live out here going on a roundabout is going to drive them crazy."

Schwendemann said his concerns lie with people merging into the roundabout and trying to get out of it.

Others like Cindy and Frank Edwards think differently.

"Roundabouts are very easy to get used to," Frank Edwards said. "We've never had a problem with them and I would agree with it."

The couple recently moved to the area from Kansas and said they are very familiar with roundabouts.

While some are worried about drivers adapting to the change, Cindy Edwards said it will not be as difficult as some believe.

“They’d stop and they’d see what everybody is doing and they’d figure it out the first time," Cindy Edwards said.

Most of the people that talked to 5NEWS Monday afternoon agreed with the Edwards saying they are looking forward to the roundabout.

Those who were against the roundabout agreed with Schwendemann.

They thought the change would be to big of a change and could possibly confuse too many drivers.


  • Mike Haring

    Round-A-Bouts are everywhere in Colorado. One advantage is they require no electric for traffic lights. Traffic flows better. The first rule is you yield to the cars coming from your left, then when clear you enter.
    The problem is two fold, if you drive thru the same round a bout every day you know exactly how it works. But as a ;newcomer to a ’roundy’ it can be a disaster. The regulars think everyone knows how it works but they are not that easy to learn for some. In Colorado some have one single lane around, others have two. Some have one or two exit points, others have several exit points. Remember if you get stuck in the inside lane you can simple go all the way around.
    I occasionally disagreed with Dave, lol, however I think older population will have an issue.
    Always yield, may require stopping, to the cars coming from the left, and when you have an opening punch it, then the cars will be yielding to you.

  • triamrider

    Tow more positive points about round-a-bouts: 1. Saves gas individually and nationally. Think about how many traffic(red) lights there must be in this nation or even just in NW Arkansas. Thousands of cars here in our area every day sitting there idling going no where, millions in the nation. So many thousands of gallons of gas burned just from the scale of it. 2. Save time: when more people get used to round-a-bouts it is about timing your entry and at that point in the maturity of a community about round-a-bouts you never stop! I have had the opportunity to drive in the UK where almost every intersection is a round-a-bout and at first it was intimidating because they drive on the other side of the road and circle the other way but soon I realized that I could go from anywhere to anywhere else and never stop until I got there! it was fantastic. No long lines of cars trying to get by someone turning against traffic etc. So the more round-a-bouts we get to replace these infernal, time wasting, gas wasting red lights the better.

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