Mountainburg Police Department Receives First K9 Officer

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MOUNTAINBURG (KFSM) -- The City of Mountainburg is working hard to sniff out narcotics in the area by hiring their newest partner in crime, and his name is Duke.

The pit bull/dalmatian mix spent most of his life chained to a tree in San Antonio, Texas until he was rescued by authorities there.

“They actually rescued him and they trained him up to find narcotics and allowed him to find a new home,” said K9 Handler Andrew McIntosh.

McIntosh decided to apply for a grant from Universal K9 in order to receive his new partner. Duke’s journey then led him to Mountainburg where he will serve as a narcotics detection dog.

Duke will be Mountainburg Police Department's first K9 officer, and the only four-legged officer in Crawford County. The department hopes Duke can also come in handy for other departments as well.

Mountainburg Police Chief Vincent Clamser said it’s pretty common for the department to come across a lot of different types of narcotics on a regular basis, and Duke will be a big help for the area.

“It makes it so much easier for us to do a better job as far as locating those narcotics and putting an end to it,” said Clamser.

Duke’s job will be doing drug searches at traffic stops and local schools. According to McIntosh, “There’s always a need for interaction with the public and to let them know we are going to do our best to get rid of the drugs in the city.”

Duke travels, works and lives in a loving home with McIntosh and his family, and the duo is excited to get to work.

"He's my buddy," McIntosh said.

The Highfall, Arkansas Police Department is donating a cage for the back of the K9 unit, as well as a years worth of dog food for Duke.