Dripping Springs Trail, Natural Falls State Park

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“I just think we have a beautiful country and right here in Oklahoma and Arkansas , there is so much that people are unaware of,” said Peggi Ridgway.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas we are crossing the state line heading west to the Natural Falls State Park of Oklahoma.

Dipping Springs Trail was our destination, like a mother daughter duo.

“This is my first trip to Natural Falls, it’s actually the first waterfall on our planned waterfall tour for this summer, so we decided to start with Natural Falls this year,” said Anita Kelley.

And the view.

“The falls are beautiful, I look forward to seeing them again maybe after a heavy rain fall, I imagine they would be magnificent,” said Kelley.

And Anita said their favorite part.

“So we like the calm and the peacefulness, you know being away from other people and the city, so it’s a chance for us to be outdoors and somewhere calm and quiet,” said Kelley.

Peggi was on her way with family for a trip to Crystal Bridges, but...

“We thought we would make a little side trip here to Dripping Springs and it is delightful, the air is fresh and cool and the sun is warm and the red buds are spectacular,” said Ridgway.

Peggi’s son was even able to enjoy the highlight of the park.

“There is so many places because Brian can’t get access of being in the wheelchair, here the arrangement and accommodations have been made so that he can get around very easily and come to this over look and just look down at the  springs and all around at the creek and the beauty it’s wonderful,” said Ridgway.

Dripping Springs Trail is just one of five trails offered here at Natural Falls State Park.

Peggi encourages those who have never been, to join in on this family friendly experience.

“It is worth the time to get off the highway and just make this little 5 minute side trip because it’s right here easy to get to and it’s such a delight when you finally see it,” said Ridgway.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas, I’m Megan Graddy.

For more information about Dripping Springs at Natural Falls State Park, click here!

Park admission is $5, per person.

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