Man Accused Of Impersonating Police Officer After Pulling Deputy Over

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LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM) -- A Fort Coffee man is accused of impersonating a police officer after pulling an undercover deputy over.

Deputy Tyler Ragan was driving north on Lock and Dam Road in an unmarked vehicle Saturday night (April 1), when he noticed flashing lights behind him.

"The person had tried to come up around my vehicle that I was in and I noticed that it wasn't a police car," Ragan said.

Records show 46-year-old Roger O'Hara was driving a red Chevy pickup truck with a flashing red and blue light mounted on the windshield.

"The first thing, I ordered his hands out the window that way I could see what he was doing," Ragan said. "[I knew] that he wasn't a cop but didn't know if he was pretending to be a cop or gonna try to rob me or whatever you have it."

When investigators asked O'Hara why he had the LED lights in his truck, he said he was tired of people speeding through the area and items getting stolen. O'Hara stated he "wanted to clean up the area."

"He claimed it was his first time doing it, but he seemed like he had done it before," Ragan said.

Deputy Ragan said O'Hara had a 9mm pistol on him and another gun in his truck. O'Hara told deputies he had a concealed carry permit.

"When I disarmed him, the unmarked unit came in and we placed him under arrest," Ragan said.

O'Hara has since bonded out of jail. He is now facing a felony charge for impersonating a police officer. If convicted, he could get two to 10 years in prison.

According to the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office O'Hara has a protective order against him, but no record of criminal history.