Decatur 8th Graders Start A Revolution To Revitalize School Culture

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DECATUR (KFSM) -- It's a small school with a big heart.

Eighth grade students at Decatur Middle School are planning to change the school's culture and the way they see themselves one act of kindness at a time. With a plan of action in place and in full effect, the students planned a pep rally to spread the mission of "Revolution 2021".

After a teacher overheard students expressing how frustrated they were with being belittled by bigger schools in the district, she brought the entire eighth grade class together for a brainstorming session.

"We sat on this big concrete square in the middle of the afternoon talking about the way people are treated and how things need to change," teacher Joli Sotallaro said.

Inspired to keep their dream alive, students drafted a plan of action which included a new honor code created with input from the all the students, a student council and a pep rally to showcase the purpose of "Revolution 2021".

Teachers are hopeful to see the students carry the progress they've made into their high school experience.