Bella Vista EMS Uses New Pediatric Dosing System

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM) -- Time is of the essence when first responders try to treat kids during an emergency. That's where this new drug dosage system comes in.

It's called the Handtevy method and was just introduced to the Bella Vista Fire Department. This system replaces the current way they dose children by using an app.

“Our demographics in Bella Vista is changing and we are having more pediatric patients and more pediatrics moving into Bella Vista and the current method we were using was the Broselow tape and we had to arrive on scene and then actually measure the patient to get the patient's weight," EMS Coordinator Cpt. Leon Lieutard said.

Lieutard said the Handtevy method eliminates the math. He said pediatric emergencies don't happen that often, so when they do they are often high stress situations.

“With this new Handtevy app you can walk in and select the age, select the medication and it tells you how many milliliters you can give. You can then pull up, you can administer the milliliters also while interacting with mom," he said.

LeAudra Franklin said her son was taken by Bella Vista Paramedics to the hospital when he was having a medical emergency. While she said her child received excellent care, she thinks it's great they are implementing this new system.

“They showed up as fast as they did and got him to the ER as fast as they did. It totally gave me peace knowing that he was in good hands,” she said.

Franklin said her 6-year-old son fell off the monkey bars at the park.

“When he fell, he wasn't breathing for a little bit and his eyes rolled back in his head and so we called 911 and when they got here it was so good to have them there because I was afraid to move him,” she said.

All the Bella Vista paramedics will be able to put their new methods to work as soon as they complete training.