Fort Smith Boy Scout Works To Make Additions To Dog Park

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The Fort Smith Dog Park is a hot spot for pet owners and their furry friends, and a local Boy Scout is hoping to create some new additions that will give the dogs even more to items play on.

Ramsey Junior High School student, Thomas Farrell plans to add equipment that both small and large dogs can enjoy.

"Down here at the dog park, I'll be building two sets of movable agility courses, two sets of playgrounds and a bulletin board," Farrell said.

The agility courses will include an agility jump, weave poles, teeter totter, and an adjustable tire jump.

The project is part of Farrell's plan to earn his Eagle Scout badge. He said he hopes to give back to his community in this unique way.

"I think working together really helps the community," Farrell said. "I'm just glad to be out here, I love seeing all these dogs."

What started as a brainstorming session, has developed into a successful fundraiser.

"I was sitting with one of my counselors, at one of our meetings, and we were talking about Eagle Scout projects," said Ferrell, "he said he went to this dog park, with his dog, and I said, we could build something down here."

Farrell was granted permission to build from the Parks Commission after presenting a project proposal.

Pet owners have even approached the Boy Scout at the park to offer help and donate to the project

"They say they're excited and want to help," Farrell said.

The word about the park's improvements is quickly spreading around town, gaining attention.

"I think it's a good idea," said dog owner Drew Jones. "You want to try different things with your dogs and different activities. Now there's more options for more people."

Fundraising for the project will continue through May and construction is expected to begin in June. Farrell is working with an engineer and Lowe's on additional details and said the construction will take two weeks.

For more information about the plans for the project or how you can get involved, you can grab a flyer at the Fort Smith Dog park or visit Farrell's GoFundMe page.