Inventor, Single Mom Advises Anything Is Possible

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- A single mother in Rogers is advising others in her position that anything can be accomplished after she invented an exercise tool that offers a core-cardio workout.

Christi Brown created the FlexEhoop, which has been on Walmart's website for about two weeks.

She has also been a single mother since 2011.

Brown created her product with some help after not having a lot of time to exercise and not liking any of the weighted hula hoops.

“A lot of people have donated their time," said Brown. "I had a photographer donate her time for my product shots. It’s been wonderful how the community has come together to just help each other out.”

She said being a single mother is a 24-hour job and can be tough at times.

While working on entering the business world, Brown explained she lost the balance between entrepreneur and mother.

“Cause at one point, I really felt like I was on a train that had suddenly dropped me off and I was holding on it and it was just out of control," Brown said. "It was just on its own path and I couldn’t catch up to it fast enough.”

She eventually caught up to that train and now has her son involved with some of her business endeavors.

At times, Brown said she wanted to give up on taking care of herself and was tired of living paycheck to paycheck.

She said the idea of getting married was enticing just to have someone else to take care of her.

Her advice to other single mothers is to not give in to those desires.

Brown said those times will pass and any dream a person has is achievable no matter the situation.

“If you don’t just do it and just step out there and make it happen no matter how uncomfortable you are, you’ll just stay in your little box," Brown said.
"You won’t do it because you will be too terrified. All I can say is if I can do it then anybody can do it.”

Brown hopes one day her product will be in schools for children to use even if for just a few minutes a day.

She said she has also been talking with local chiropractors and physical therapists who she said are interested in using her product with patients.