Professional Fisherman Teaches Young Anglers

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- Tuesday afternoon (April 18) a group of students met a professional fisherman at Lake Atalanta to learn what it takes to be a Reel Leader.

Greg Bohannan, the Old Spice FLW Pro, made the stop before the FLW Tournament on Beaver Lake at the end of Apri.

He said it is always good to get back home and teach others that anything is possible.

“To grow up on a farm here in Northwest Arkansas and to realize my dream as a professional fisherman, I want to be a good example for them," Bohannan said. "Show them hey you work hard enough, go to school, get a degree, work hard, things work out for you.”

Some of the tips he gave included getting a degree or learning a trade as well as having a plan for the future.

Dalton Johnson is a member of the Northwest Arkansas B.A.S.S. Club, which was present for Bohannan's speech.

Johnson said he plans to one day become a professional.

His love for the sport lies with how competitive he said fishing can be.

Johnson has known Bohannan for a while but said there was one tip he thought spoke to him most.

“Probably your attitude," said Johnson. "Always have a smile and always be nice to everybody. Cause you never know when that one point in time’s going to come where they may turn around and help you.”

He explained that even though the sport can be competitive, he still knew to be humble in winning.

Johnson said that is where the good attitude Bohannan talked about came into play.

Growing up, Johnson said he was mesmerized by his father's trophy wall and hopes to one day have one of his own.

Before the end of the event, Bohannon and the club went around the lake to pick up trash in the area.