Family Ends Search For Good Samaritans That Called 911

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Rick Simpson collapsed of a heart attack while riding his trike at the Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville. In attempt to find some closure his family set out to find the people that tried to save his life by calling 911.

"I would love to find this person for Grandma Jackie because she's just so grateful," said Lynnette Simpson, daughter of Rick. She says her father is the last person she'd expect this to happen to because he was so healthy and worked out regularly.

After the funeral the family got serious about their search to find the good Samaritans that stopped to help their loved one. His sister even made a Facebook post, which got hundreds of shares on social media. Central EMS contacted the family on Wednesday (Apr.19) with good news, they found the callers.

Both of the women asked to remain anonymous and only came forward to bring the family closure.

"We're just really pleased that we got to find them and thank them I'm actually going to meet up with one of the young ladies later just to chat and give her a hug, I know my grandma definitely feels that she's gotten a little bit more of closure," said Lynette Simpson.

As temperatures heat up, the family hopes their story inspires trail users to continue practicing trail safety.

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